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Welcome to DRH Billing Services

DRH Billing services are committed to provide accurate, timely and effective billing and coding services. Our highly trained medical billing staff is an extension of your office. We are a professional billing service helping you on the areas that you need assistance. Our employee experts and keep up with the latest technologies to provide you the best in the industry. Our customer focus approach and processes help you to increase your cash flow. We efficiently manage all your billing needs paying close attention to every detail.

As a leading Medical Billing Company we take care of the complete setup & enrolment in about one to four weeks time depending on the complexity of the project. We have a decade of experience to train the newcomers so they can get acquainted with the specialty & stay updated with the recent trends in Medical Billing.

Mission Of The Company

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  • To offer business solution to meet service standards and operational goals.
  • Provide powerful, flexible and cost effective solution individual to clients needs.
  • To deliver the highest level of quality by process automation, intensive and exhaustive training and strict adherence to clients approved polices and procedures.
  • To provide a continued engagement of the core team in each clients processes to build lasting relationship.
  • We fully realize that to be a successful delivery partner, we have to offer the clients, the comforts of high quality and timely delivery. To achieve this, we fully utilize the vast experience of the management team in trouble shooting and establishing processing routines in discussions with the end clients. We have calibrated the operation to ensure that the SLA’s of the clients on Quality and productivity are achieved always.
Revenue Cycle Management

"DRH strives for continuous improvement in every aspect of ours, and our client's operation, to grow, achieve and make a positive impact, through efficiency.”

Infrastructure & Data Security

Our employees have the following certifications and ensure total data security

  • Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP)
  • Certified Security Compliance Specialist (CSCS)

Our state-of-the-art IT, administrative & storage infrastructure is meticulously designed as per international requirements. Separate sections for different medical specialties & size of practices differentiate the billing process from one another.

  • Strict Guidelines: We diligently comply with HIPAA guidelines to avoid any penalties and unnecessary audits.
  • Restricted Access: Our team members have restricted access to patient data & the billing documents. They are usually the point-of-contact people.
  • Password Protection: High-tech software infrastructure & trained staff take care of data confidentiality, which is restricted to their tasks in the billing cycle only.

A medical practice can save 30%* cost of billing & raise 15% revenue.

DRH Billing