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Claims Processing:

Electronic Claim Processing:

Some insurance claims,such as those that require additional paper attachments, must need to be submitted on paper claim forms. You can configure different claim form for primary and secondary billing scenarios.

Sending Clean Electronic Claims:

DRH helps you send electronic claims to thousands of payers, print national and state-specific paper claims, and receive electronic claim processing reports.We helps you maximize insurance reimbursement while safeguarding your physicians' cash flow against any disruptions.

Print Paper Claims:

For most insurance companies, you'll use our standard CMS 1500 Form or our newer CMS 1500 Form with support for the new National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers.

For certain payers, you can also tap into our library of state-specific and workers' compensation claim forms. Finally, you can customize the provider and group numbers that appear on your forms using advanced settings.

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