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Eligibility/Benefits Verification

By using technology and calling insurance carriers, we'll get answers to the questions you need, post them back into your practice management system, search and attach existing plans and create new ones. We'll do this for future and same day appointments as well as walk-ins.

Accounts Receivable Follow Up

We'll research open claims, find out why they haven't been paid and resubmit if necessary, attaching any missing documents and x-rays.


We'll handle the myriad of paperwork required to credential and enroll your doctors in Medicare or commercial insurance plans. We'll keep track of dates to ensure that re-credentialing is accomplished in a timely manner.

Payment Posting, Adjustments, Denial Management

We'll post payments from EOB's or lock boxes, process adjustments and denials and attach EOB's to the patient record.

Fee Schedule Maintenance

We'll keep your fee schedule up to date allowing for proper treatment plans and the submission of "Clean Claims"

Plan and Accounts Receivable Clean Up

Before you move data into a new practice management system or from a practice you acquire into your system, we'll review plans in the system, get rid of duplicates and move patients to the correct plans and claims to the right patients. We'll also clean up old Accounts Receivables.

Accounts Payable Processing

As your group grows, your Accounts Payable department growth with it. We provide predictable, efficient and quality-focused handling of your accounts payable needs including.

  • Direct Receipt of Vendor Invoices
  • Electronic Image Capture/Document Management
  • Securing Appropriate Approvals
  • Voucher Posting
  • Vendor Disbursements
  • Patient Refund Processing

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